"My son could only say a hand full of words but not very clear. He struggled in everything he did: school and at home. He has made great improvements in his day to day behavior and his vocabulary is endless. His writing skills has greatly improved and he not longer gets frustrated easily when he is talking. Grace Therapies has went above and beyond with working with my son. I am so grateful that I had the chance to get to know everyone here. Everyone has been so helpful and caring. You have made such a great impact on our lives." - Jennifer

"You have some of the most knowledgeable and caring  staff. Overall the best therapy company and very happy we were apart of it! Grace Therapies improved my daughter's communication and overall skills with a great amount of effort put into her. My daughter is now able to speak fluently and in complete sentences." - Joanna

"Everyone at Grace Therapies is like family. I love that I can drop my child off and know he is safe, comfortable and learning. Grace Therapies has improved my son's speech so much. He has made such improvement. He now says full 3-4 word sentences. Before, I was only able to understand 2-3 words." - Anna 

"Grace Therapies took the time to take the right steps to help my daughter improve. Thank you for everything! You helped me a lot, not only professionally, but also personally." -Iyana

"We are so thankful for your Summer Adventure camp! My son is thriving and can't wait to go every morning. We are so blessed to be able to participate in your wonderful program. Thank you Grace Therapies for an amazing job and fabulous staff!" - Jennifer

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